Food Service Consulting

In my experience, shaping, researching and defining the financial requirements for a food service concept in advance of committing to premises is a vital step that isn’t always undertaken.

Understanding how an idea will meet audience needs within the proposed food service location, and defining the commercial strategy in terms of food offer at different time of day, required number of covers and revenue vs overheads are the critical aspects in creating the difference between success and failure.

I’m often approached by early stage food service businesses who have a great concept, have identified potential premises (or indeed committed to a commercial lease) but recognise that they need clarity around their offer, menu structure, pricing and the translation of all of these into revenue.

Following an initial discussion and completion of my Fact Finder to outline your idea, I’ll prepare a project development framework. I use this to stimulate ideas and exploration through a 1 to 1 meeting, leading to a clearly defined commercial strategy for further exploration and discussion.

Most importantly, understanding the commercial considerations and evaluating how to optimise the sales potential by getting the positioning right has proven to be vital. And by doing so increasing the profit potential. Typically the meting output content is visually rich comprising of graphics, charts and videos.

I also support clients in instances where they have approached me with a desire to enter the food service sector but without a specific concept, working together to identify appropriate opportunities for further exploration based on my bank of food trends research, consumer behaviour and wants, demographics and footfall data.

I also mentor and support existing food service businesses where I use sound brand strategy principles to help them elevate and deliver a great customer experience by optimising every aspect of their offer, including staff and service levels.

If you’d like to explore how I can help you with your food service concept, call or email to schedule a time for a chat. Take a look at Food Brand Strategist  for some insights into how I help clients launch new food and drink products. 

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