Winning over customers in store

With the average purchase decision process in the supermarkets taking just fifteen seconds, packaging has to communicate extremely quickly and effectively with the inherent ability to create an ‘instant dialogue’ with a potential purchaser.

So how does packaging influence consumer purchase behaviour? If it’s a regular buy, the packaging shape, form and colour act as visual shorthand, enabling the consumer to quickly identify their favoured product on shelf.

Why do I need a brand consultant?

I frequently meet clients and entrepreneurs who are looking to deliver an innovative solution through a new business venture, often in a sector of which they have no previous experience.

Innovation covers so many aspects of both ideology and delivery and my expertise is in helping clients develop the most appropriate strategy, ready for translation into fabulous  branding and communications ideas, optimised to engage target consumers and achieve success.

From food concept to reality – ten hot tips

I’m often approached by individuals recognising my skill set which extends beyond brand design and packaging into research, product development, business planning and manufacturing – expertise which has transitioned many ideas from concept to reality.

Having what seems to be a unique idea is a fantastic start, but my proven process has been designed to determine the potential of an idea and to optimise it for success whilst future proofing it too.