The thrill I get from creating success for my clients is the best reward for the total commitment I give to each and every project and I’m very proud of their kind testimonials.

Ken Hom

“It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with Eddie Stableford in constructing and expanding my brand. He was not only attentive to details but understood the intrinsic values of a brand. I was struck by Eddie’s sensitivity to various nuances and his awareness of the emotive dimension of food. His advice and work on creating my brand was invaluable. Frankly, I know that I could not have done it without his wise counsel.”

Ken Hom, BBC TV presenter and author.

Atul Kocchar

“Eddie worked with me in taking my range of chutneys, marinades and sauces from the kitchen of the Michelin Star Tamarind Restaurant to the shelves of Sainsbury’s. He had a fantastic instinct for capturing and recreating the very essence of my products and worked tirelessly to authentically replicate them for retail. He was also great fun to
work with.”

Atul Kochhar, Michelin star chef and investor on BBC2, My Million Pound Menu.

“Eddie, I could write an epistle. You have been my sounding board, my mentor and now my friend. Thank you for your guidance, your time, your dedication to help and your patience. I’ve thrown a million questions your way and always, you have taken your time to answer. You’ve helped me to clear my thoughts and helped to calm my nerves! I’m sorry Eddie but you’re stuck with me now.”

Monique Farquharson MBA: Founder Petit Squares.

Rod Garnham, corkers Crisps

“Eddie worked with us from day one on our crisp project. He has an intuitive ability to tune in to consumer wants and did a fantastic job in shaping and delivering all the initial stages of work including strategy creation, consumer research, taste testing and brand concept evaluation. He also played a key role in our packaging procurement and set an exacting standard for our launch range. More recently he delivered the strategy, shaping and management of the re-design of our packs as we moved more significantly into mainstream retailing, ensuring greater standout whilst retaining all our key brand equities. His enthusiasm, passion and energy is infectious and his knowledge of all aspects of the food and drink industry is exceptional. I thoroughly recommend Eddie to anyone looking for help in developing a new brand.”

Rod Garnham, Corkers Crisps.

“It was a real pleasure being mentored by you Eddie through the Virgin Start-Up programme and thank you for the tips, keys, gems and expertise that you shared with Yinka and I. We were able to go away and make some really actionable improvements to our current processes and you gave us a great deal of food for thought which no doubt will have a very positive impact on our business venture. Thanks a million.”

Dara & Yinka Oginni, Mura

“When I was introduced to Eddie, I was told what he doesn’t know about bringing a food concept to market isn’t worth knowing, and having enjoyed numerous consultancy sessions over the course of my journey in the food industry, I couldn’t agree more. Never afraid to ask difficult questions or probe the financial or conceptional validity of an idea, Eddie has the inimitable ability to cut through any noise and bravado without ever losing optimism, passion or constructive inspiration. Eddie has proved invaluable on my journey so far and I can see that continuing for considerable time to come.”

Michael Hawkins, Founder, GO! Pesto


“Eddie has been amazing! I’d been ‘winging it’ for a long time, my business was, on the surface going really well, the customer base and orders were growing and growing, but the demand was getting too high, the problem was it was flattering that we kept pushing on thinking surely this is all worth it. Our small team meant that numbers and workings out weren’t made a priority, but one day my great friend Thea said I should meet Eddie and finally make some business sense. He’s been so positive and encouraging, after meeting him just once I could see the changes in the business within the first month. I have every bit of confidence that if I meet with Eddie 3-4 times a year my business will grow and grow financially as well as the orders. He’s allowed me to see a future and creating the right work life balance, because what’s the point in having your own business if it doesn’t work for you – thank you Eddie, can’t wait to see what’s round the corner” 

Serena Whitfield, Founder, Pearl & Groove.

I honestly couldn’t thank or recommend Eddie more, I am incredibly grateful that I was able to work with him. Being a startup, having his support and expertise from concept through to launch was invaluable. His perspicacious view of the market and knowledge of the industry has been and will be key to the building of my brand and business strategy. I look forward to continuing to work with Eddie closely in the future.”

Thea Bourke-Borrowes, Founder, Eight Thirty.

Richard Kieswick

“You name it, Eddie is on it. On trend, on the money, on target, on top of whatever it is. Like a purifier for your brand, Eddie distills a flurry of energy and ideas into clear beautiful liquid purpose.”

Richard Kieswick, Serial Food & Drink Entrepreneur, Dickie’s Big Boozy Bangers.


“Eddie and I worked together on the launch of an English natural mineral water brand. He did a fantastic job creating the look and feel of the brand and product. In a very crowded and generic marketplace he designed a product that looked distinctive through use of shape and colour but was also efficient to manufacture, pack and distribute in bulk. This is no mean feat; the mechanics of production and distribution are often overlooked by brand designers to the detriment of the bottom line. Everywhere the product was shown feedback was extremely positive. I would totally recommend working with Eddie on brand development and strategy, his passion and enthusiasm for brands is complemented by his knowledge and experience.”

Brett Fleming – Jones, MD, Iceni Waters.


“Eddie is passionate about brands and a real expert on retail. His input was exciting, relevant, and made commercial sense for our organisation, across our product portfolio. He is internationally regarded and has also opened many doors for our company with potential clients and partners. I have also referred Eddie to a number of other businesses I work with, all of whom have had the same excellent experience. I would absolutely recommend him.”

Professor Vikas Shah MBE, CEO Swiscot Group and entrepreneur.


“Eddie worked with us and our VC partners and provided first-rate strategic input in shaping our sales focus and routes to market. He was also instrumental in helping us achieve our first retail listing in Sainsbury’s. He’s a hugely energetic guy who gives his all to his clients. He did a fantastic job for us and I’d highly recommend him.”

Karol Rzepkowski, Joint CEO, Johnsons Seafarms.

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