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Hello, I’m Eddie Stableford, the UK’s foremost Food Brand Expert with a track record in the creation of successful brands across the globe. If you’re launching a new food or drink product I can help you every step of the way from initial concept to launch.

I’m also inventor and founder at Street Food Box, an infinitely reusable, environmental alternative to single use food to go packaging, conceived to provide a real solution ahead of the restrictions imposed on current packaging by the 2025 Single-Use Packaging Pact.  

If you’re looking for food brand innovation, food brand strategy, end to end project delivery or one-to-one mentoring, I can help.

Launching a new food product and brand is as much about finding a partner with the right fit to support the founders as it is to identifying the team or individuals with the necessary skills to deliver the project.

Having run my own, successful food and drink centric design agency for over 20 years (working predominantly with start-ups), I know that it can be a lonely road at the start and recognise that businesses new to the sector need advice, help, support and expertise which is not commonly provided by design agencies.

I enthuse clients to best express their idea and then enhance it with my knowledge – bringing it to life by guiding and supporting, providing expert insight every step of the way.

Eddie Stableford, Food Brand expert
Eddie Stableford, Food Brand Expert on BBC News with Sebby Holmes of Farang London.

As a food brand expert, I have the knowledge to ensure new to market concepts are differentiated, disruptive, cost-effectively delivered and optimised for commercial success at launch.

And by defining all the stages and sequence of work in launching a new food product, including creating a robust business and commercial plan, I ensure costly errors are avoided from the get go.

Most importantly, I do so with passion, enthusiasm, commitment and support and providing that much needed impartial advice and input critical to achieving success.

But I won’t pull any punches, so expect me to robustly challenge your thinking as only by doing do so can we create a successful product and brand together. 

I also help businesses secure investment and for those seeking retail listings, I manage introductions and relationships with buyers.

And as a mentor to the Virgin Startup Programme and with my network of product development partners, chefs, ingredients suppliers, manufacturers, brand creators, packaging designers and packaging suppliers, I can precisely match the appropriate resource to deliver projects efficiently and at least cost.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help you with the launch a new food product in my role as as a food brand expert, I’d be delighted to hear from you.


Getting Started

Idea Evaluation

Market Analysis & Strategy

Consumer Insights

Trends Research

Ideation Workshop

Competitor Benchmarking

Market Mapping

Gap Analysis

Consumer Journey

Product Innovation

Project Costs

Business Planning & Funding


Recipe Development

Kitchen Trials

Sensory Analysis


Manufacturing Costs

Nutritional Analysis

Microbiological Testing

Shelf Life Analysis

Trading Standards

Regulatory Compliance

Production Trial Management

Consumer Testing

Product Optimisation






Investor Relations

Sales Strategies

Packaging Technology

Structural Packaging

Brand & Packaging

Digital & E-Commerce

Retailer Introductions

Operations, Logistics & Distribution

PR & Social Media

Trade & Consumer Marketing

Take a look at I Want to Launch a New Food Idea But Need Expert Help for an insight into how I approach creating successful brands.

As an example of my work, take a look at BoomBod – from launch to successful business sale in less than two years.

And here are testimonials from some of our amazing clients:

Ken Hom

“It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with Eddie Stableford in constructing and expanding my brand. He was not only attentive to details but understood the intrinsic values of a brand. I was struck by Eddie’s sensitivity to various nuances and his awareness of the emotive dimension of food. His advice and work on creating my brand was invaluable. Frankly, I know that I could not have done it without his wise counsel.”

Ken Hom, BBC TV presenter and author.

Atul Kocchar

“Eddie worked with me in taking my range of chutneys, marinades and sauces from the kitchen of the Michelin Star Tamarind Restaurant to the shelves of Sainsbury’s. He had a fantastic instinct for capturing and recreating the very essence of my products and worked tirelessly to authentically replicate them for retail. He was also great fun to work with.”

Atul Kochhar, Michelin star chef and investor on BBC2, My Million Pound Menu.

Rod Garnham, corkers Crisps

“Eddie worked with us from day one on our crisp project. He has an intuitive ability to tune in to consumer wants and did a fantastic job in shaping and delivering all the initial stages of work including strategy creation, consumer research, taste testing and brand concept evaluation. He also played a key role in our packaging procurement and set an exacting standard for our launch range. More recently he delivered the strategy, shaping and management of the re-design of our packs as we moved more significantly into mainstream retailing, ensuring greater standout whilst retaining all our key brand equities. His enthusiasm, passion and energy is infectious and his knowledge of all aspects of the food and drink industry is exceptional. I thoroughly recommend Eddie to anyone looking for help in developing a new brand.”

Rod Garnham, Corkers Crisps.


“Eddie has been amazing! I’d been ‘winging it’ for a long time, my business was, on the surface going really well, the customer base and orders were growing and growing, but the demand was getting too high, the problem was it was flattering that we kept pushing on thinking surely this is all worth it. Our small team meant that numbers and workings out weren’t made a priority, but one day my great friend Thea said I should meet Eddie and finally make some business sense. He’s been so positive and encouraging, after meeting him just once I could see the changes in the business within the first month. I have every bit of confidence that if I meet with Eddie 3-4 times a year my business will grow and grow financially as well as the orders. He’s allowed me to see a future and creating the right work life balance, because what’s the point in having your own business if it doesn’t work for you – thank you Eddie, can’t wait to see what’s round the corner” 

Serena Whitfield, Founder, Pearl & Groove.

Richard Kieswick

“You name it, Eddie is on it. On trend, on the money, on target, on top of whatever it is. Like a purifier for your brand, Eddie distills a flurry of energy and ideas into clear beautiful liquid purpose.”

Richard Kieswick, Serial Food & Drink Entrepreneur, Dickie’s Big Boozy Bangers.

Call: +44 (0) 207 205 2998 or email today for an initial chat or use the form below.