Services & Fees

We’ve helped a myriad of clients successfully launch new food and drink brands through our expertise – from mentoring, commercial planning, product ideation, brand creation, to market strategies and launch plans.

All of our services can be tailored to suit specific client needs to ensure they get best value. This spans from ad-hoc advise by the hour to full project delivery so please do ask if our standard services aren’t what you’re looking for.

(NOTE: In the current circumstances, most activity is being conducted remotely by telephone or video conferencing unless face to face meetings are unavoidable.)

To give a guide as to the required investment, here are five, fixed-fee options that we offer including our Virtual E-Mentoring packages:

E-Mentoring Ad-Hoc sessions | £100/hour

Given the challenging times we live in, we’re offering this service to help lovely foodie people as cost-effectively as possible. If you need a sounding board or advice in relation to a particular issue, then this is ideal for you. Fast and simple on the phone, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Email today to book a slot.

E-Mentoring Appetiser | One hour session & follow up | £200

It may be that you’re already on the way with your idea but need help with a particular issue. Or perhaps a sounding board to discuss direction. We’ll provide a discussion framework questionnaire and we can book a time slot on the phone, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Using your completed questionnaire, we’ll undertake preparatory work so that we can make best use of our time. Post-session, we’ll provide summary notes prior to a half hour follow-on call. Email today to book a slot.

E-Mentoring Antipasti | 90 minutes | £295

This is an excellent follow-on from Appetiser or best for an extended opportunity to discuss numerous aspects of your project.

We’ll book a time slot for our session/s, on the phone, Zoom or Google Hangouts and you can make use of it either as a single session or 30 minute segments combined as you wish. We’ll provide summary notes and action points after each session and a draft agenda for the next session where applicable. Email today to book a slot.

E-Mentoring Programme | £550/month

This programme provides a once a day email exchange over a calendar month (excluding weekends and public holidays). This is supplemented with a once a week, hour long Zoom session or telephone call. Additional time can be booked by the hour as required.

At the outset we supply our Fact Finder to identity the aspects that we can best help you with in addition to providing a sounding board and mentorship. Email today to book a slot.

Main Course | Intensive workshop, brand house & project plan | £1,950

If you’re right at the start of your project, then this is ideally suited to you. Through an intensive, one day workshop session (in London or another location by agreement), we’ll discuss and explore all elements shown in 1. Getting Started, supplemented with activity to define your brand positioning, brand proposition and brand essence. Email today to book an initial free of charge discovery call.


Once we’ve booked our session, we’ll send through a Fact Finder to ensure that we have the required information to enable us to undertake research and preparatory including looking at your objectives, product concept, competitors and so on.

Following on from the workshop, we’ll prepare a comprehensive strategy document incorporating your brand DNA, product concept optimisation, manufacturing options, commercial analysis and a project plan document. This defines your next steps and is accompanied by outline timeframes and indicative costs. (Presented in PowerPoint format and typically around 200 pages.)

With your review completed, we can schedule a call to go through any questions or queries you may have so that we can incorporate any necessary changes and discuss how best to progress to the next stage.

A La Carte | Intensive workshop, brand house, project plan & follow on | £3,000

This includes everything in Main Course but includes a further day to meet with you again to ready the project for progression to the next stages of development.

This enables an in-depth review and discussion of our collective work to date and allows exploration of new ideas and thinking that may have manifest from the presentation of your strategy. Following the session, we’ll provide a summary of action points and incorporate any additional elements into your strategy.

Full Menu | Customised full project delivery plan

In addition to our fixed fee packages, we provide end to end project management and delivery. After an initial chat to gain an understanding of your needs, we provide an indication of the likely level of investment needed. Or given a couple of days, a proposal detailing all stages of work supplemented with an initial project plan and schedule.

Mentoring | A flexible approach to helping you

We mentor individuals or teams, undertaking workshops typically from half a day to three days in duration. These provide the structure, advice and stimulus to shape and define new product opportunities or to implement a change of business direction for example. Or it may be that you are just looking for help or advice in relation to a particular aspect of your project or services – in which case we can offer you support and mentoring in affordable one hour chunks as and when you need it.

Other Services | Feel free to ask

If you’d like to discuss specific needs which aren’t covered here, please call or email so we can schedule a chat.

Take a look at Food Brand Strategist  for insights into we help clients launch new food and drink products.

And take a look at BoomBod as an example of our work.

Call: +44 (0) 207 205 2998 or email today for an initial chat.

(Last updated March 2021)