Proven Strategic Process

We’ve created & refined a proven strategic process validated by the creation of multiple successful brands & always tailored to each project.

The graphics below illustrate my robust and proven strategic process which is key in creating successful brands and helping clients both understand and plan their journey from concept to launch.

As  each project is unique, these four stages define the most common work elements and approach but I prepare a detailed, bespoke project plan in every instance.

Proven Strategic Process GettingStartedProven Strategic Process Product Development & ManufacturingProven Strategic Process BrandProven Strategic Process Launch

My approach is to focus on the interface of three, key behaviour drivers – changing society, changing consumer and changing technology – identifying the hot-spots for exciting and disruptive ideation and innovation.

To do so requires an understanding of societal, technological and consumer behaviour to fully define the opportunity and key success factors in defining a food brand strategy.

This work provides the springboard for exceptional creativity: stimulating innovative product creation, stand-out brands and brilliant packaging designs, ignited by intelligent and exciting thinking.

Take a look at Food Brand Strategist  for some insights into how I help clients launch new food and drink products.

And take a look at BoomBod as an example of my work.

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