Food & Drink Workshops

We design and facilitate bespoke food and drink workshops of various formats and durations from half a day or more.

Our Brandscape ™  programme is our tried and tested route to creating compelling products and brands and it’s shaped myriads of successful food and drink businesses.

We use techniques designed to take clients out of their comfort zone and to change their thinking – challenging and enthusing, nudging and pushing as we explore an idea together.

Which trends are relevant? What can we learn from the behaviour of today to understand future behaviour? What is shaping how and what consumers eat? Which flavours and cuisines are hot and which are not?

This is how we optimise an idea – by placing it within the context of future society, future technology and future consumer – ensuring that the concept has strength beyond the now to the tomorrow.

But structure is important too so the process can cover either a single stage of development all or four – spanning from concept to launch.

Whilst its most often used to create new products and brands it can also be used for rebrands and marketing programmes too.

Take a look at Food Brand Strategist  for some insights into how we help clients launch new food and drink products.

And take a look at BoomBod as an example of our work.

If you’d like to explore how we can help you through our food and drink workshops, call or email to schedule a time to chat about your needs.

Call: +44 (0) 207 205 2998 or email today for an initial chat.