Iceni Water

Iceni Water bottling line - 500ml sports cap bottles.

Iceni Water is a subsidiary of CKI, parent company of the Hutchison group which in the UK owns Greene King, the 3 network, Perfume Shop, Saver Centres and various utilities companies.

The parent company wished to explore the potential of launching a new UK bottled water brand and with a commitment to build Europe’s most advanced bottling plant from the ground up the scope of the project was significant.

Intensive sector research led to SKU identification, name generation, brand creation and bottling design.

Retailer presentations followed and on securing a listing with Tesco, intesive marketing activity was undertaken.

Iceni went on to become one of the highest selling brands across the south of the country and in many central London stores it was the most popular bottled water brand.

  • Sector research, gap analysis and market opportunity.
  • Product portfolio assessment (Natural Mineral Water vs Spring Water) and SKU’s, PET vs glass, sports cap vs flat cap, carbonated vs still.
  • Development of structural bottle design through to preforms and blow moulding for 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre.
  • Trademarking and food labelling legislative compliance.
  • Technical labelling and shrink wrap requirements.
  • Creative briefing and design management.
  • Consumer focus groups to assess structural and graphic design concepts.
  • Negotiations with Aardman Animations for Shaun the Sheep usage licence.
  • Intensive marketing activity including in-store sampling ad outdoor media.
  • Production project management.

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Iceni Water, Shaun the Sheep
Iceni Water, Shaun the Sheep

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