Read about Food Brand Expert Eddie Stableford & Jocelyn Davies & find out why they have a passion for working with food and drink brands.

Eddie Stableford, Food Brand Expert & Mentor

Hi there, I’m Eddie Stableford, food brand expert and founder of Brand Clock. My passion for understanding what consumers do and why and how products and brands influence their purchasing behaviour has taken me on an amazing journey of discovery and learning.

And as a food brand expert with over twenty years working in the sector,I’ve launched over 200 successful food and drink brands.

Different lifestyles, cultures, lifestages, aspirations, needs, thinking and desires all shape how consumers interact with brands. And with consumers faced with ever increasing choice, brands have to work smarter and harder to gain the attention of their target audience.

Nowhere is this more true than in the food and drink category where I’ve helped clients create truly innovative and differentiated products and brands to deliver significant competitive edge.

My expertise has helped numerous entrepreneurial businesses achieve success as I’ve guided and advised them on the journey from concept to reality including: business planning, investor introductions, NPD, manufacturing solutions, brand creation, routes to market and retailer relationships.

End to end food and drink sector expertise encompassing: product ideation, innovation workshops, consumer insight, competitor benchmarks, business planning and funding, research, market analysis and strategy, new product development, sensory, consumer testing, product differentiation initiatives, product manufacturing, structural packaging design, packaging technology and innovation, brand design and packaging design, trademarking, trading standards and legislative considerations, sales strategies, distribution logistics, consultancy, mentoring and marketing.

I truly believe I’m extraordinarily lucky to have a career which excites and inspires me each and every day through the people I meet and the challenges they present. The thrill I get from creating success for our clients is the best reward for the total commitment I give to each and every project.

Jocelyn Davies, Researcher
Jocelyn Davies, Researcher

Hi, I’m Jocelyn Davies, a Durham University Marketing Graduate (1st class Hons) and Researcher at Brand Clock.

I have marketing experience in brand development & research, social media and content writing. Growing up in Mexico I have a passion for discovering exotic foods and flavours.

This comes alongside a keen interest in nutrition and finding out what’s best for our bodies. The food and drink industry fascinates me. Nowadays there is so much confusion with different claims, often with little or biased backing.

I like to cut through the clutter and believe natural is always the best way to go. My mission is to deliver drinks and foods with integrity that can serve to benefit us all.

I partner Eddie in undertaking market research to not only find “the gap in the market” for new and innovative products but to find the “market within the gap”, leading to the identification and development of a successful product.

I have worked for various companies in the industry from start-up to multinationals. I love aiding start-ups and entrepreneurs to transform an idea into something tangible on a supermarket shelf.

There is nothing more exciting for me than helping a small seed grow and even though it sounds incredibly cheesy, to see a business dream become reality and to be involved in all stages along the way.

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