Virtual food mentoring


Given the challenging times that we live in, I’m offering a virtual food mentoring service to help lovely foodie people as cost-effectively as possible. If you need a sounding board to discuss direction and next steps or advice in relation to a particular issue, then this is ideal for you. Fast and simple on the phone, Zoom or Google Hangouts.


This is an ideal follow-on from my Virtual Food Mentoring and allows a full 28 days of unlimited email communication.  This provides the ideal platform for the development of ideas or detailed questions relating to all aspects of launching a new food or drink product – from brand creation product development and manufacturing, routes to market and investment support.

The programme can be stopped or started at any time until all 28 days of correspondence have been utilised and I promise to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Email today to book a slot.

Launching a new food and drink business can be a daunting task but through tailored 1-to-1 mentoring activity I help my clients gain an understanding of the food and drink sector and provide solutions to many of the tasks that face them.

I provide support and advice to individuals or to teams, develops programmes of work to bring new products to market or provide ad-hoc guidance and advice on brand, trends, new cuisines and advances in packaging technology for example.

My food business mentor programmes are designed for either one-off sessions or longer programmes of work.

I also work in an advisory capacity as a food mentor to a number of new food and drink businesses, for some of whom I also perform a non-exec director role.

Take a look at Food Brand Strategist  for some insights into how I help clients launch new food and drink products.

And take a look at BoomBod as an example of my work. If you’d like to explore how I can help you create a fabulous brand, ping me an email so we can schedule a call.

Call: +44 (0) 207 205 2998 or email today for an initial chat.


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