Iceni Water

Iceni Water bottling line - 500ml sports cap bottles.
Iceni Water bottling line – 500ml sports cap bottles.
  • Sector research, gap analysis and market opportunity.
  • Product portfolio assessment (Natural Mineral Water vs Spring Water) and SKU’s, PET vs glass, sports cap vs flat cap, carbonated vs still.
  • Development of structural bottle design through to preforms and blow moulding for 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre.
  • Trademarking and food labelling legislative compliance.
  • Technical labelling and shrink wrap requirements.
  • Creative briefing and design management.
  • Consumer focus groups to assess structural and graphic design concepts.
  • Negotiations with Aardman Animations for Shaun the Sheep licence.
  • Production project management.

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Iceni Water, Shaun the Sheep
Iceni Water, Shaun the Sheep

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