Marketing food & drink brands

Successfully Marketing Food & Drink Brands

The food, drink and health products arena has never been more competitive. As a consequence, successfully marketing food and drink brands is more challenging than ever before.

Traditional bricks and mortar retailing has expanded into online.  Increasingly brands are selling direct to consumer and through digital market places such as Amazon.

As such it is important to consider marketing activity at the start of the brand journey rather than post-launch.

Why is this?

Beyond the brand portfolios of the multi-national conglomerates and major retailers, there are few brands which target mass audiences.

21st Century Marketing

For brands to be successful in the 21st century, forensically defining their audience is vital. Rarely are broadcast media appropriate as they waste precious marketing funds which can be better spent on targeted activity.

Knowing your audience also helps shape all aspects of a product and brand: product formulations, portion sizes, price points, usage occasions, packaging format, routes to market, distribution channels and marketing support activity.

I frequently get approached by clients to help them identify why their new to market products aren’t performing as expected and often it becomes evident that their brand positioning, proposition and target audiences have not been properly defined – and hence their marketing activity has been ineffective resulting in lower than expected rates of sale and delisting pressure from stockists.

In related instances, clients speak about reducing their price or changing their packaging format and these may result in a short-term fix before the problem re-emerges.

I help clients create a 360 degree strategy at the outset. This includes defining their launch activity as this is key in securing retailer listings.

Beyond this, successfully marketing food and drink brands requires continuous review to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.

For more information about how I help my clients launch new products take a look at Food Brand Strategist.

And take a look at BoomBod as an example of my work.

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