My passion for understanding what consumers do and how and why products and brands influence their purchasing behaviour has taken me on an amazing journey of discovery and learning.

Different life styles, cultures, life stages, aspirations, needs, thinking, desires and technologies all shape how we interact with brands.

And with consumers faced with ever increasing choice in an age of accelerated culture, there is a need to work smarter to gain the attention of a target audience.

Indeed, with the largest food retailers stocking over thirty five thousand product lines and with the regular purchase repertoire of the average consumer restricted to just one hundred of these, product and brand relevance supported by precise audience definition is key.

I continuously research new ingredients, new products, new science and advances in packaging technology and materials.

I travel widely and look at different cultures and changes in the various dynamics of societies which in time manifest as new trends.

Importantly, I focus on the interface of the three, key behaviour drivers – changing society, changing consumer and changing technology – to identify hot-spots for exciting and disruptive new product ideation and innovation.

And in instances where clients have approached me with a desire to bring a food, drink or health product to market without a product idea, we’ve worked together to identify appropriate opportunities based on my bank of knowledge and research.

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