Food brand design

Over the course of my career working with food and drink brands, I’ve learnt that food brand design is a discipline which requires specialist skills and a mindset that sees every element of the brand challenged and challenged again.

With over 25,000 food and drink product lines in the major multiples and the average product repertoire comprising of just 100 items, the competition for share of throat is intense.

And no other FMCG product sector sees the same level of fast product choice and impulse purchasing.

As a consequence, engagement is the critical relationship facet of a successful 21st century food or drink brand as choosing a product is largely instinctive – consumers don’t reason every element of every purchase.

They engage with brands that say something about themselves and buy into brands that they believe in.

With mass marketing dead, niche brands rule but they must win over their innovators & early adopters. But to do so they must identify who they are and talk to enough of them!

  • It’s not enough to be the best
  • Behaving differently is key
  • Know your audience inside out (you can’t be something to everyone)
  • Tell a compelling ‘sticky’ story
  • Tell it simply
  • Be memorable
  • Do something significantly better than existing brands OR do something that hasn’t  been done before.

And remember the keys rule for brand engagement in store:

  • 12ft – STOP THEM – say ’hello’
  • 6ft – ENGAGE THEM – start conversation
  • 1ft – CONVERT THEM – get pick up.

For more information about food brand design and how I help my clients launch new products take a look at Food Brand Strategist.

And take a look at BoomBod as an example of my work.

If you’d like to explore how I can help you create a fabulous food or drink brand, ping me an email so we can schedule a call.

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