Food & Drink Product Development

Shaping a concept in advance of food and drink product development is a vital step that isn’t always undertaken.

Understanding how an idea will meet consumer needs, where it will go on sale and the behaviours that unify the target audience is key.

There are also the specific product attributes that may need to be explored. And the all important target retail price determination as a key aspect in shaping the product development.

I’m often approached by early stage businesses when they have already started the development of their product or idea. With this in place, they then turn their attention to finding help for their brand design and packaging design.

Many of them have then told me that they wished they’d approached me sooner. Through our work together they’ve realised the importance of understanding all the aspects that impact successful product and brand creation at the get go.

In some cases, my involvement has seen the product development phase revisited. New focus, new formulations, packaging changed to facilitate cost-effective, manufacturing.

Or in other instances, the creation of a truly differentiated and exciting product concept with significant USP’s.

I also ensure that product development teams are properly informed. That they understand all the attributes and deliverables of the concept and how we seek to optimise it.

Following an initial discussion and preparation of a Fact Finder to outline your idea, I’ll prepare a project development framework.

I use this to stimulate ideas and exploration, leading to clearly defined product ideas for further exploration.

Most importantly, understanding the commercial considerations and evaluating how to optimise the sales potential by getting the positioning right has proven to be vital. And by doing so increasing the profit potential.

Typically the output content is visually rich comprising of graphics, charts and videos.

With this initial phase completed, I then deliver all the various subsequent phases of activity which typically include:

  • Recipe and product development options and approaches
  • Nutrition and ingredients
  • Health and nutrition claims
  • Product safety and shelf life
  • Packaging text
  • Structural packaging options and solutions
  • Packaging design
  • Consumer research and feedback
  • Proof of concept
  • Manufacturing partner identification
  • Pilot manufacturing run
  • Scaling production

Food & Drink Product Ideation & Innovation

And in instances where clients have approached me with a desire to bring a food, drink or health product to market without a concept, we’ve worked together to identify appropriate opportunities for further exploration based on my bank of knowledge, research and expertise.

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