Consumer Research

Consumer research is an invaluable tool in gathering data to identify how to optimise concepts to become their best.

Jocelyn Davies undertakes all background research and consumer data analysis for all projects.

She has experience in research, strategy and brand development. This comes alongside her keen interest in nutrition and finding out what’s best for our bodies. 

She likes to cut through the clutter and believes natural is always the best way to go. Her mission is to shape drinks and foods that deliver real benefits based on robust research.

There are various ways in which she can support you through the research she undertakes, here are brief descriptions of the approaches she uses:

Qualitative Research Programmes

This is the perfect method to assess emotive responses to broad and complex elements within designs. Conducted face to face, moderated focus groups can provide a rich vein of in-depth qualitative data.

This method allows in-depth exploration of all the various components of a product, brand and packaging through sessions which typically are 1.5 hours in duration.

Quantitative Research Programmes

Online quantitative research programmes are the perfect tool to verify qualitative consumer research findings. This allows large numbers of respondents to be questioned through online surveys with responses scored automatically.

Straw Poll and Vox Pops Research Programmes

Ad-hoc straw poll and Vox Pop street video interviews are a useful starting point and their speed of implementation, low cost and high visual  impact make them invaluable.

Collectively, these methods provide the foundation for the strategic direction of a product concept, incorporating brand positioning, proposition and essence.

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