Cost-effectively promoting your brand

This is one of the questions I get asked most often. No one thing is going to provide the magic bullet in cost-effectively promoting your brand but there are a number of approaches which are proven in their success which are very cost effective:

a) Send beautifully packaged products with a promo piece (and the items needed to consume it) to key journalists. So if you make muffins for example, send a pretty plate with the design chosen to complement your samples, a cake knife and a variety of tea bags. Most journalists find this irresistible and will very likely write a feature about you.

b) Get your friends and family to promote you via their social media network. This is a zero cost way of extending your reach and increasing your awareness via their connections.

c) Do samplings whenever and wherever you can. OK, you’ll have the cost of your products but this is a great way to engage consumers early on. If you are on sale, give them a small info piece about where you are on sale or your website details. Include a discount code off their next purchase. (N.B. A licence is required to undertake sampling in public places so make sure you check them out with the local authority or property managers before you go ahead.)

d) Try to get your products into the hands of celebrities or sports personalities for a photo opportunity. Not easy but it can be done. In general sports personalities are an easier target – and they don’t have to be mega – just relevant and high profile in your launch area.

e) Location, location, location.  If you can secure a region of London, your brand will fly. The intense population density of greater London means that brands can be hugely successful by just focusing on a specific area.  The important thing early on is to avoid  scattergun activity and listings. You want would be consumers to see your product regularly so they can buy it often. So focus on getting outlets within a mile or so of each other and build from there, extending your reach as you gain distribution.  The other major urban conurbations are a good place to start too.

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