The 5 second purchase decision

With the average purchase decision process in the supermarkets taking just five seconds, packaging has to communicate extremely quickly and effectively.

So how does packaging influence consumer purchase behaviour?

Putting price aside, if it’s a regular buy, the packaging shape, form and colour act as a visual shorthand, enabling the consumer to quickly identify their favoured product on shelf and removing the need for close scrutiny.

British food tastes are evolving

According to a recent report from Asian Network, approximately 87% of Indian restaurants in the UK are run and owned by Bangladeshis.

For decades curry houses have been serving dishes such as chicken tikka masala, korma and vindaloo. These recipes are a big part of British culture but many of these “Indian” restaurants are now struggling as British tastes are evolving and changing.

Why do I need a food brand consultant?

I frequently meet clients and entrepreneurs who are looking to deliver an innovative solution through a new business venture, often in a sector of which they have no previous experience.

Innovation covers so many aspects of both ideology and delivery and my expertise is in helping clients develop the most appropriate strategy, ready for translation into fabulous  branding and communications ideas, optimised to engage target consumers and achieve success.