The 5 second purchase decision

With the average purchase decision process in the supermarkets taking just five seconds, packaging has to communicate extremely quickly and effectively.

So how does packaging influence consumer purchase behaviour?

Putting price aside, if it’s a regular buy, the packaging shape, form and colour act as a visual shorthand, enabling the consumer to quickly identify their favoured product on shelf and removing the need for close scrutiny.

Florence Nightingale & brands

When someone mentions Florence Nightingale, one particular image likely comes to mind: a caring presence, head covered by a shawl, holding a lamp as she ministers to patients in the dark. The “Lady with the Lamp,” as she became known and this image still serves as a symbol for nurses everywhere.

But for every night time hour Nightingale spent burning the midnight oil to help a sick soldier, she likely spent another doing something surprisingly different: working on some of the world’s first fabulously persuasive infographics. In addition to caretaking and advocating, Nightingale was a dedicated statistician, constantly gathering information and considering compelling graphical treatments to compare and present it.