Winning over customers in store

With the average purchase decision process in the supermarkets taking just ten seconds, packaging has to communicate extremely quickly and effectively with the inherent ability to create an ‘instant dialogue’ with a potential purchaser.

So how does packaging influence consumer purchase behaviour? If it’s a regular buy, the packaging shape, form and colour act as visual shorthand, enabling the consumer to quickly identify their favoured product on shelf.

Why does your food brand exist?

With anything between 25,000 and 60,000 product lines in a multiple retailer store, every product category is super-competitive.

Many businesses do not have uniquely, differentiated products, so audience attraction through product and brand standout is key – and whilst in past decades the marketing mantra was ‘communicate what the product is’ and ‘do this in an engaging way’, this no longer works in the hyper-competitive marketplace of today.