Achieving successful food innovation

Successful food innovation requires exploration of all aspects of ideation and concept delivery.

I frequently meet individuals embarking on a new venture who need help in creating a clear vision for their idea.

My role is to help them develop a robust strategy for translation into fabulous products and brand  ideas.  And in doing so, ensuring they’re optimised to engage target consumers and achieve success.

Core to my work is the creation of powerful, emotional connections which can influence consumer behaviour, igniting a change in their purchasing habits and leading them to try something new.

To do this, I remain ever curious about the world and the very heartbeat of life – and how societal changes present new opportunities to make consumers respond in new ways.


I work with clients to help them look in new directions, to discover the unexpected, to bring learnings from other sectors and apply them in new ways.

Focusing on these techniques is key in readying a new product idea or business concept for launch. The emphasis I place on forensically understanding all market related data is crucial in giving a new market entrant the strength to rapidly gain a competitive positioning.

Typically the aspects covered are:

  • The mega trends
  • Product relevant trends
  • Product enhancement and optimisation
  • Sector specific market data
  • High growth opportunities
  • Competitive threat
  • Developing a competitive advantage
  • Price points
  • Sales distribution
  • Full cost model analysis

With  a strong foundation in place, identifying how ideas can be optimised for success becomes very clear. As does the precise focus of that innovation – is the task inventing, re-engineering re-positioning or value engineering?

And a 360 degree view is vital – ensuring that all the dynamics which can impact on the idea in relation to the entrant sector are properly considered.  This ensures that the work that manifests from this activity is robust, providing a stimulus for exciting differentiation.

Successful food innovation isn’t always about disruption or inventing new of course, it can be about making simple changes for the better – how to create enhanced product benefits or stronger emotional connections that attract new consumers and engender long-term loyalty.

If you’d like to explore how I can help you with your new food product launch, ping me an email so we can schedule a call.

Take a look at Food Brand Strategist for some insights into how I optimise new food and drink ideas for launch.

And take a look at BoomBod as an example of my work.

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